Bloom 2

October 28th, 2009

Bloom 2 took place at Pravda on Capitol Hill, Seattle.


Huge thanks to Bryan Zug and Lilipip for providing video service.
Adam Werbach

Adam Werbach

Global CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi S

Adam Werbach is the author of the new book Strategy for Sustainability, published by Harvard Business Press. Werbach is widely known as one of the foremost experts in sustainability strategy. In 1996, at age 23, Werbach was elected the youngest-ever President of the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest environmental organization in the United States. Since then, Werbach has declared environmentalism dead, built and sold three companies, and merged with global ideas company Saatchi & Saatchi to create the world’s largest sustainability agency, Saatchi & Saatchi S.

Rob Bernard

Rob Bernard

Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

Rob Bernard is the Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft and is responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for the company’s environmental efforts. In this role he will assess the company’s environmental impact at all levels including: working with product groups to create technology innovations in software and hardware that can help enable customers to minimize their impact on the environment, assuring responsible business practices that work to reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact, and working with partners in industry, government and non-government to engage on global environmental issues.

Jay Giraud

Jay Giraud, Founder & CEO, REV Technologies, Inc.

An entrepreneur since the age of 18, Jay has spent the last three years researching and studying renewable technology and its impact on the automotive and energy industries. REV Technologies, Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company headquartered in Vancouver B.C. Its main product offering, the REV-PACK, electrifies light-duty Ford trucks, transforming them into advanced all-electric, highway-capable vehicles. REV takes advantage of the significant advances in the technologies essential to the successful mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Andy Smallman

Andy Smallman, Founding Director, Puget Sound Community School

PSCS is an independent school in Seattle’s International District for students in grades 6-12. Andy started the school in 1994 to create a model for a new kind of education that helps students build on their strengths and nurtures their intrinsic motivation. In that time, Andy helped students start a record label and move to Nashville upon graduation, volunteered with students to clean up an Afghani restaurant that was vandalized immediately after 9/11, and facilitated an online class called "The Practice of Kindness" that had more than 250 students from around the world.

Margaret McCauley

Margaret McCauley, Environmental Protection Agency

Margaret McCauley is a member of the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Team for EPA Region 10. Across the US, communities are experiencing problems with aging and failing water infrastructure. Pipes designed to last 50 years have been in place 100, while at the same time, the old treatment methods do not always work for new chemicals. The amount of water available where people want to live is not always enough for U.S. lifestyles, and climate change is predicted to increase the gap. The pressing need to repair and replace these vital systems also provides an opportunity to update and innovate. Tasked by the people of the U.S. and by Congress to protect human health and the environment, EPA is working with the water industry and other stakeholders to identify real-world best practices that result in lower energy use, better water quality, and financial sustainability. How shall the nation invest in clean water for the next 100 years?

George Lawrence Storm

George Lawrence Storm, Tellus Homes

George is an inventor, entrepreneur, engineer and poet. He was the founder, and director of research and development, for Vertical Mobility and holds three patents for wheelchair accessible stairways. He has served with numerous humanistic psychology organizations, the Earth Stewards Network & Peace Trees, and continues to volunteer his services with various adult educational programs. He is now applying his talents to the creation of his latest concept in affordable, sustainable housing for the general population and for Seattle’s Homeless.

Aaron Goldfeder

Aaron Goldfeder,

Aaron is the CEO and co-founder of which helps homeowners have energy efficient homes by helping them understand home energy topics, discover tax rebates, and connect with experts. Previously, Aaron was a Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft. He was a key leader on Internet Explorer 6, Windows XP, Local Search and an internal cloud services platform. Aaron loves to snowboard, travel, eat Asian food and holds three patents.

April Allderdice

April Allderdice, CEO MicroEnergy Credits

April Allderdice is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle-based startup, MicroEnergy Credits. MicroEnergy Credits connects the carbon markets and the growing microfinance market in developing countries. Using internet and mobile phone technology MicroEnergy Credits aggregates carbon offsets from the clients of Microfinance Institutions and sells them to the carbon markets, enabling better and cleaner energy choices for the market at the bottom of the pyramid. MicroEnergy Credits won the 2008 Global Social Venture Competition for a business model that is “game changing” for the poorest. April is an alumni of McKinsey and Company, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Columbia Business School and Wesleyan University.