Bloom 3

October 17th, 2011

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Douglas Mills

Douglas Mills

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Douglas Mills has worked with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for over twenty years. He has been involved in sustainability issues for nearly twice as long. Doug brings a long perspective from the founding of Earth Day to our present grappling with climate change, food issues, and energy security. He lives on an organic farm in Skagit County with his wife of 35 years, 15 chickens, two sheep, and 6000 square feet of food gardens. He will talk on Sierra Nevada’s leadership in sustainable energy, expanding the sustainability community, and where our efforts must go if we expect to create positive change.

Nathaniel James

Nathaniel James

Social Innovation Consultant, "Dean of Awesome"

Nathaniel James is adept at developing and implementing strategies that leverage social capital – community, collaboration, and partnership – in other words: people power. Nathan has held many job titles: field manager, coalition campaign coordinator, community engagement specialist, and executive director. He has worked in youth programs, electoral and policy campaigns, and open source projects. Clients and employers have included City Year, WashPIRG, MoveOn, Greenpeace International, Microsoft, the Media and Democracy Coalition, OneWebDay, and Mozilla. To explore new innovations in philanthropy, Nathan founded the Seattle chapter of the Awesome Foundation. Most of his work has focused on multi-stakeholder, inter-organizational collaborations.

Rohre Titcomb

Rohre Titcomb, Five Bamboo

Rohre Titcomb is one of five sibling founders of two apparel companies: Five Ultimate (founded 2006) and Five Bamboo (founded 2008). After receiving a grant to research the environmental impacts of bamboo textile manufacturing in China, she graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Chinese and Arabic and convinced her siblings to found a second company aimed at pushing the apparel industry in a more sustainable direction. And so, Five Bamboo was born. Today, in true start-up fashion, she works on all aspects of the business, from modeling to financial analysis, to web design, and much in between.

Peter Scott

Peter Scott, President, Burn Design Lab

Peter Scott is considered one of the world’s leading experts in the design and dissemination of biomass conserving technologies in the developing world. In 1990 Peter committed his life to saving the forests of Africa. Since that time, he has designed a number of fuel-efficient technologies and trained producers in over 20 countries to set up for-profit businesses. His trainees have constructed over 400,000 household/institutional stoves, bread ovens, food dryers, and tobacco curing systems. Peter Scott's work has been featured in the New Yorker and he was recently chosen as one of Foreign Policy Magazine's 100 Top Global thinkers of 2010. In 2006 his work was honored with an Ashden Award for supporting local producers in Southern Africa to create highly profitable institutional stove businesses. In Malawi these producers have sold over 1 million dollars in institutional stoves in the last 6 years.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, EcoConsumer Project Manager, King County

Tom Watson has the highest visibility of anyone doing environmental public outreach in the Puget Sound region. He has written the EcoConsumer column in the Seattle Times for six years, has regular segments on KOMO4 TV, makes many other TV and radio appearances, has more than 1,600 Twitter followers and gives more than 25 speeches a year. Tom has managed the King County EcoConsumer public outreach program since 2004 and has been in the waste reduction field for more than 20 years. He believes that actively connecting with the public and media is the only way the environmental movement can sustain itself.

Kelsey Albro

Kelsey Albro, Business Development Lead, Back to the Roots

Kelsey Albro is the Pacific Northwest Business Development Lead for Back to the Roots, a start up that grows gourmet mushrooms and mushrooms kits entirely on recycled coffee grounds and is on track to divert 1 million pounds of waste from landfills this year. Back to the Roots mushroom kits are sold nationally through Whole Foods and other retailers and the company has been featured by the White House website, CNN Money, and Bloomberg Business Week as a leader in innovation and sustainability. Prior to coming to Back to the Roots, Kelsey successfully led a campaign for Port of Seattle Commissioner in 2009 before working in production and marketing in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

Kellie Stickney

Kellie Stickney, Manager of Marketing and Outreach, SustainableWorks

Kellie is responsible for generating deep community demand and involvement in large scale energy efficiency projects in the Puget Sound and Spokane regions. SustainableWorks is a stimulus funded non-profit general contractor dedicated to helping homeowners save energy and reduce their carbon footprint all while creating quality local green jobs. In the last two years, SustainableWorks has signed up over 2000 Washington residents for an energy saving home audit.