What kind of speakers and topics are we looking for?

Bloom is about sharing sustainability innovation. We want our attendees to leave the event with their minds expanded and hearts inspired by learning about your experiences working toward a more sustainable world.

We're interested in anything that counts as innovation in sustainability. There are many amazing topic areas appropriate for Bloom. A few obvious areas are:

  • How you've incorporated sustainability into your business
  • An innovative non-profit sustainability program
  • A business focused on clean tech
  • Policy work focused on sustainability

What makes a great Bloom talk?

We're looking for people to fill 10-minute slots. After that, the most import thing is to be true and let your own uniqueness come through!

That said, we do have 10 basic speaker rules... These are a modification of the 'TED Commandments' from the wonderful TED Talk series.

  1. Absolutely no 'green cliche'. (stick to innovative/exciting/new-to-you about *your* space. No 'going Al Gore' or asking folks to carry bags to the store. )
  2. Do not give your same ol shtick - change it up
  3. Share your dream, your wonder, your thing you've never shared
  4. Revealing your natural curiosity and passion makes you interesting
  5. Tell a story, be vulnerable and true
  6. For the sake of love, do not bring text heavy ppt slides. If you've gone below 32 pt font, you have too much text! In fact, do you really need text anyway?
  7. Don't pitch me bro! (Do not sell from the stage - your company, Non-profit, product, need for fundraising.)
  8. Laughter = good
  9. Reading your notes = very bad
  10. Stick to the timing

Submitting a Talk Idea

Please send us an email to speak@bloomseattle.com with brief answers to these 3 questions:

  1. What's your talk about?
  2. Why are you good speaker match for Bloom?
  3. Why is this talk relevant now?

We will aim to get back to you no later then 3 weeks before Bloom.

Why is it awesome for you to speak at Bloom?

Speaking at bloom gives you 3 kinds of awesomeness:

  1. Share your passion and contribute to the community
  2. Interact with awesome folks - after you speak you will likely be assaulted by folks looking to connect in your space
  3. You and a friend get into Bloom for free!